PETALING JAYA: Semiconductor design company Key Asic Bhd has started to see the fruition from its strategy shift to focus into healthcare devices.

The company said the business had started turning around in the first quarter ended August 31, 2017.

Chairmain and chief executive officer Eg Kah Yee said Key Asic, together with its partner in Japan, was getting the approval from the Japanese government to market its product there.

He said the Japanese giant has made the purchase of chips manufactured by Key Asic, which are going to be inserted into a camera device for medical devices.

“We actually have a big Japanese company that has made purchase of our chips to design and put into cameras for medical use.

“This thing would take several months to design and go through approval process…maybe in another few months before it go into the market,” he told reporters after the company’s annual general meeting here today.

The company has been in the red since 2010.

In November last year, it was reported that Key Asic’s plan for a turnaround failed following the the launch of the products and accounting scandals involving two major customers - Singapore-based Trek 2000 International Ltd and Japan-based Toshiba Corp.

Eg said the company is also exploring the opportunities to supply its chips for connected cars solutions and systems, and already working with a partner in Russia.

“We cannot disclose the name of the company yet but it is a major Russian company. The design is in the process of them building the product.

“All I can say is, this Russian company is a service provider for the connected car solution in the country.

“So, the two major markets for us are healthcare, that we are designing into medical devices, and connected cars,” he added.

Eg said the company is also exploring the opportunities for some local projects including smart city element such as the traffic light system and also smart houses.

Asked about any potential partners or talks going on, Eg said one of them is local Internet of Things player, Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd.

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