Oils from the olive fruit and leaf are the main ingredients in the range.

The olive tree is a Mediterranean icon, and oils from its leaf and fruit are used to remedy dry, damaged hair, writes Aznim Ruhana Md Yusup

THE Aromachologie collection from L’Occitane specialises in having essential oils as key ingredients in its products. The collection has a number of body care items, but the range for hair care is more extensive.

It is said that essential oils are best integrated into hair care as they are easily absorbed into the scalp, providing optimal nutrients for the roots. This also stimulates scalp micro-circulation while encouraging better nourishment for the scalp and hair.

There are only three oils that can penetrate hair fibre - coconut, sunflower and olive fruit. In general, the use of the olive fruit to make olive oil is automatically implied, but L’Occitane also extracts oil from the olive leaf, hence the need for the distinction.

Both these oils are present in the Aromachologie Nourishing range, which is formulated to repair and nourish very dry hair.

The shampoo, conditioner and mask are rich in essential fatty acids, helping to fix hair that’s been damaged by colour treatments, straightening or daily blow drying.

The products are also enhanced with lavender and lemon essential oils, while the conditioner and mask contain shea butter. The range is formulated without silicone, which can weigh hair down and strip it of its natural oils.

The Aromachologie Nourishing range is formulated for normal to very dry and highly damaged hair.


I was given all three products to try. The shampoo and conditioner have a flowing, creamy consistency that makes them easy to apply. The shampoo also has a reasonable amount of lather.

Meanwhile, the hair mask has a thicker consistency that requires you to scoop it out of the jar. But it’s equally easy to apply and wash off. The products have a light citrusy fragrance instead of a strong olive oil odour, so they are quite pleasant.

I’m pretty low maintenance and my hair is generally undamaged by treatments or constant blow drying. My only real concern is frizz, which worsens when the hair lacks moisture. It’s not as serious as dry hair, but frizzy hair can easily become dry when a product is too harsh or has no moisturising properties.

Overall, I’m pleased with the result from the Aromachologie Nourishing range. The products are gentle on the scalp, and leave only a slight whiff of citrus after rinsing. (I prefer my personal care products fragrance-free because strong scents give me a headache.)

After several weeks of use, my hair is shinier, softer and easy to manage. Even though it’s olive oil-based, it doesn’t leave the hair oily. You get just the right amount of slick needed to tame the strands and keep them flexible and smooth.

I also find that the mask is effective even when used in combination with shampoos or conditioners from other brands. The only concern is that there would be conflicting scents.

The Aromachologie Nourishing shampoo, conditioner and mask are available online and at L’Occitane stores. Prices range from RM110 to RM168 per product.


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