(File pix) Singer Syamel Fodzly recently shared with the press his experience participating in the ABU TV Song Festival 2017 held at Chengdu, China.

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular singer Syamel Fodzly had the shock of his life recently when an attractive woman tried to make a pass at him.

The Akademi Fantasia 2015 runner-up's unpleasant encounter took place in Chengdu, China last Nov 1 where he was participating in the ABU TV Song Festival 2017.

It is believed that the woman was part of the concert's crew. "She wanted to ‘follow’ me back to the hotel where I was staying, and I initially thought she was joking," said Syamel in a recent interview with Berita Harian Online.

"But she insisted on following me, and that got me alarmed. Fortunately, I kept calm and politely declined her offer."

The incident occurred outside the Chengdu Airport shortly after Syamel arrived. His suitcase had gone missing, and it contained the attire he had planned to wear at the concert.

"Luckily, I carried some extra clothes in my hand luggage!" he said.

Syamel is currently rehearsing for Anugerah Juara Lagu 32 which will be held in Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil here on Feb 11. Two of his songs are in the awards namely Lebih Sempurna and Aku Cinta.

Aku Cinta is a duet with Ernie Zakri, his duet partner in Astro Ria's Duo Star. They won the celebrity duet contest last February.

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