(File pix) In a joint statement, Fattah Amin (right) and Fazura added that upon their return from the Holy Land, they will hold a press conference on Nov 23. Pix by Nur Adibah Ahmad Izam
(File pix) A recent post on actor Fattah Amin’s Instagram post. Pix from @fattahaminz Instagram account

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular actor Fattah Amin and his ex-costar Nur Fazura Sharifuddin have left the country to perform their Umrah earlier today.

In a joint press statement released by the two celebrities, their trip to Mecca is accompanied by their respective families and management teams.

Also in the joint statement, Fattah and Fazura added that upon their return from the Holy Land, they will hold a press conference on Nov 23.

This comes right after rumours that the two had tied the knot last night at Fazura’s grandmother’s residence in Petaling Jaya.

Yesterday, Harian Metro reported that the said house was filled with guests. White tents were erected and there was tight security surrounding the venue.

While there was no way to determine the occasion for the ceremony, the decorations in place looked like what one would find at a wedding do.

So far, no one including the artistes themselves have come forward to verify or deny the validity of the marriage rumours.

Fattah’s manager Sakirin Shak when met at the venue last night, refused to divulge any details. He instead told reporters to just wait for the announcement from Fattah himself.

He added that the actor was busy preparing for their Umrah trip, which Fattah had also posted about on his Instagram yesterday with the caption, “Hopefully everything goes smoothly”.

The presence of their families on this Umrah trip only heightened the speculations that the duo might just tie the knot in Mecca.

Meanwhile, following the marriage rumours, many of Fattah’s Instagram followers left well-wishes for the “couple” on their “marriage”, prompting others to believe that the two did in fact got hitched.

Soon after, the comments seemed to have disappeared, most likely deleted by the account’s moderator in order to avoid the rumours to escalate further.

Prior to this, there were also rumours that the two celebrities had chosen Nov 13 as the date of their engagement.

The two, dubbed FattZura, had denied it then, promising that if there was such a happy occasion, they would share the news with everyone.

The close relationship between the two actors began after they co-starred in Astro Ria’s hit drama series Hero Seorang Cinderella. Their chemistry seemed palpable that their fans want them to be an item for real.

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