LONDON (Fri): For celebrity newlyweds, Nur Fazura Sharifuddin and Fattah Amin, unlike regular couples, their honeymoon is not just all play. Work is still an essential part of their life, as evidenced when they were met in London recently.

The actress, model and singer Nur Fazura Sharifuddin. (pix by ZAHARAH OTHMAN)

Followers of the couple on social media would have found the couple inseparable, devoting every bit of attention to each other.

Fazura however, feels that while she and Fattah are no doubt devoted to each other, they believe that giving each other space is equally important.

“The thing about Fattah is that he is very, very supportive. But he doesn’t suffocate me,” said Fazura during the launch of her beauty product, TruDolly London, recently.

Fazura is the co-founder of the TruDolly beauty range, together with Puteri Intan Zarith Che Rashdi.

Much to the despair of the ladies present for her ‘meet and greet’ event at the Crowne Plaza, London, her dashing young husband was nowhere to be seen as he was at a shoot somewhere else.

“He makes me feel at ease. But he also makes me miss him,” added the new bride, whose co-star in the hit series ‘Hero Seorang Cinderella’ became her real-life hero when they tied the knot recently.

Fazura is the co-founder of the TruDolly beauty range, together with Puteri Intan Zarith Che Rashdi. (pix by ZAHARAH OTHMAN)

The actress, model and singer, whose products are creating a sensation back home and in neighbouring countries, admitted that when she was away working or with her friends, she would feel the pangs of missing him.

However, she said there would always be the reassurance that he misses her too but he was giving her space, which they believe is healthy in a relationship that is forever scrutinised 24 hours a day – a price they pay for being celebrities.

Fazura said she treasures her independence and appreciates the fact that her husband allows her to pursue her own interests and ventures.

“With marriage, life has changed. I am not alone. I am with someone, who completes me in such a way that I feel so happy. I don’t feel that it’s a burden.

“Fattah is a man who protects me, always makes me feel safe and happy, but at the same time he is also a baby,” she laughed, admitting that “we are very clingy with each other. It’s a good thing I guess.”

Referring to criticism over the couple’s public displays of affection on social media, Fazura who has 3.5 million Instagram followers, said, “I am happy to know that they are so many people who are happy to see us happy. It shows that they have the hearts of happy people. And I think that if we have a problem with seeing other people happy, that says something about our heart. Maybe it’s not very nice, I guess.”

With Instagram, Facebook and other forms of social networking, life for the couple is not unlike being in a goldfish bowl. Nothing escapes the eyes and ears of diehard fans, who in the latest development had jumped to the conclusion that Fazura was pregnant because she was ‘heard and seen’ craving for something.

On another development, the couple’s very real chemistry may not translate to sharing screen time together on television soon.

“I don’t think we are keen to do too much (acting together) because we don’t want people to become sick of us. We also want to protect the sanctity of marriage. However, we will be together again in one or two projects coming soon this year,” she added,

Fazura said she has learnt plenty since becoming a wife, including on how to be more patient and to give and take.

And, she added gleefully, she now knows how to make teh tarik.

“I know how to make teh tarik now. I never had any interest in making teh tarik before. But now when my husband says, ‘I nak teh tarik’, I now ‘tarik’ tea every morning,” she laughed.

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