Add pretty birdhouse to attract feathered friends.

YOU walk into a garden. And then something stands out amongst the plants before you. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in a garden — a bubbling fountain.

Its water cascades into a little pool. The sight and the sound of it mesmerise you. It makes you want to linger there a little longer. Just that one fountain can make a whole lot of difference to an otherwise ‘normal’ garden.

Fountains are one of many garden accents or outstanding landscape features that can arouse interest and arrest attention. You don’t need many features to do this. Most times, just one outstanding item will do. Remember, less is more. It could be a pop of colour, a crunch of gravel or a sparkler in the sun.

Craftwork can also enrich the look of an otherwise ordinary garden.


Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Garden arch: Frame the view of the entrance to your garden. Planted with vining plants or roses and bougainvillea, arches make a lovely, colourful garden statement.

Unique planters: A boat or a sampan, an old birdbath or a wooden crate can all be turned into striking planters. Combine different types of succulents or colourful blooms in one planter. When they mature, enjoy your creation.

Garden arches make a lovely garden statement.

Birdhouse: It’s not only eye-catching but it’ll also attract your feathered friends. Add a birdbath for the birds to splash about. And the sight of them can provide hours of enjoyment.

Large hanging wooden basket: Colourful blooms in wooden basket hung from a tree or pole will catch the eyes even from afar.

Outdoor art: Adorn a stretch of fence with colourful outdoor artwork and see how a plain old fence can transform into your garden focal point. Turn your fence into a canvas. A wooden one is excellent for stencilled outdoor artwork. Images or mural art can be painted on brick and metal fences. You may also add handcrafted work of art, such as tiny wooden houses and unique ceramic pots.

Accentuate your fence and gate with work of art.

Larger-than-life flowers: Imagine a giant flower standing on a bed of plants with tiny blooms. Create your very own flowers from scrap metals and wooden poles. Give them a splash of colours and they’ll be the centre of attraction in your garden all year round.

Multiple-deck fountain: Even the tiniest garden can turn into an exotic space with a fountain. The gentle flow of water and its soothing sound can enrich the beauty of your garden.

Meandering path: A path not only leads you to where you should walk but also defines your garden’s parameters. For a more natural feel, use wood mulch, pebbles or decomposed granite. Grow your plants along the path. You may also use statues and other garden ornaments to accentuate your garden path.

Comfy benches: A bench or several benches should be part of every garden landscape. It’s where you can sit down and enjoy the beauty of your garden at leisure. Paint your benches bright and they can steal the thunder from other features in your garden.

By these few ideas, you can transform your garden into a space filled with beauty. It doesn’t take a lot of investment to transform your outdoor space — just some creativity and a lot of imagination!

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