Jekaril Jinggom, 37, with some of his works. NSTP Pix by MALAI ROSMAH TUAH.

KOTA KINABALU: Being born deaf does not stop Jekaril Jinggom, 37, from sharing his passion and love for drawing.

The father of one embraces his disability and showcases his artworks by using technology to earn income.

Making full use of his smartphone has helped Jekaril, from Kampung Padawan in Papar, to communicate better with his potential customers.

He uses social media applications such as WhatsApp to engage with people, offering service in caricature and portrait drawing.

Speaking to NSTP, Jekaril said not many people were aware that he had listening and communication disability when they meet him for the first time.

“For new customers, they will come and talk to me. I have to explain to them about my disability using hand gesture.

“It is good if the customer knows how to use sign language. Otherwise, I have to communicate with them through writing for easy discussion about a drawing,” he said as he wrote on a piece of paper.

Jekaril said he prefered caricature drawing as such artwork is more popular among art enthusiasts, especially foreign tourists.

He said drawing a caricature was not as easy as it looked because it required detailed observation and skill throughout the drawing process.

“We have to make the subject drawn appear as lively and similar as the real one,” he added.

Other than caricature, Jekaril is also talented in painting mural, faces and portrait.

He spends most of his days drawing and painting at a cafe at Star City mall.

Jekaril charges RM10 for black and white caricature drawing and RM20 for a full colour.

His face drawing art piece costs RM30 each, portrait is priced between RM150 to RM250, while mural painting is priced from RM800 to RM1,500.

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